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MC˛ SYSTEMS offers a full line of software for library management, on both the desktop and the internet in addition there are textbook management and administrative management applications.
Auto Librarian™ SE Library Server for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98   The latest release in the Auto Librarian family of software products avails itself of the best of both the desktop and Internet environments.  A one-time purchase feature-rich desktop software package with seamless Internet integration.  This version is designed for later versions of Windows on Pentium class computers. Internet connectivity is required for integration with the Internet Catalog and other features such as downloading single MARC records directly into Auto Librarian™ book database. Click link above for more information.
Auto™ for the Internet  First release in the Auto Librarian™ family designed exclusively for the Internet.  Two-tiered access includes the eMedia Center for patron searches of database and Desktop Library for librarians daily circulation and cataloging duties.  Data is stored on an off-site Internet server and accessed from any computer with Internet access.  Yearly lease allows for unlimited access by librarian and patrons. eMaterials can be checked out and downloaded to patrons' computer for a specified length of time. Click link above for more information.
 AUTO LIBRARIAN™  AUTO LIBRARIAN™ is a full-featured Web-based Textbook management system using the latest Web 2.0 technology. By popular demand we have retooled our AUTO LIBRARIAN™ Textbook 2.0 MS-DOS application from the ground up and created a fast, easy to use, and affordable web-based system that can be used at any school site. The system utilizes optional bar codes which allow users to track Textbooks through acquisition, check-out and check-in. A two-tiered level of access to the program for one Super User and multiple Admin Users per organization insures fast check out of Textbooks at the beginning of the semester or year. One Master Text record is added for each unique title of textbooks and Textbook records are generated from the Master Textbook information without reentry of information.
Auto Librarian™ Version 4 for Windows 95  A one-time purchase, feature-rich legacy desktop software package.  In libraries where continuous Internet access is not currently available or planned for the immediate future, and Windows 95 is the operating system running on the computer, this version is the proven software solution for library circulation on Pentium class computers.  Click link above for more information.
Auto Librarian™ Version 3 for MSDOS  Legacy library automation software for MSDOS is still available for use in libraries where Pentium class computers with Windows are not available (utilizing computers below a Pentium II/200 Mhz). Non-networked Remote computers for patron searching of book database.  Bundled with backup software. Click link above for more information.
Visit the AutoLib.Com Reference Desk! The AutoLib.Com Reference Desk is a great starting point for Internet searches. Features links for various media, college and general interest websites are all available as well as a Google search window.  Great for students,  beginning Internet users, and for quick searches the link above to enter the site and start surfing!

MARC Record Companion Software: MARC records can be imported in Auto Librarian™ SE,  Ver. 4.0 and 3.0 using the MARC/AL Interface Utility Ver. 4.0 or MARC/AL Interface Utility Ver. 3.0MARCExplorer searches and retrieves MARC records by ISBN# (either single or batch) from the Library of Congress and many other Z39.50 MARC record catalogs via your Internet browser from any Internet accessible computer. MARC LOC ™ Utility is a software utility that simplifies the downloading and transfer of Library of Congress MARC records that have been searched on the Library of Congress website.  

Remote Computers: Remote functionality can be added to both the Windows (networked) and MSDOS (non-networked) versions of Auto Librarian™ with add on software.  For Remote searching of the book database choose the Remote Card Catalog software for the corresponding Auto Librarian Version.   Auto Librarian™ SE Remote Card Catalog, Auto Librarian™ Remote Card Catalog Ver. 4.0 or Remote Card Catalog Ver. 3.0.  For circulation functions from a remote computer choose Auto Librarian™ Remote Circulation SE.  Version 4.0 users must upgrade to Auto Librarian™ SE Server Version to use Remote Circulation. For remote book data entry for Auto Librarian™ SE or V.4 choose Remote Data Entry Ver. 4.0 (included with Ver. 3.0).

Auto Librarian tm Textbook Version
Low cost legacy Textbook Management for MS-DOS, includes backup software. (utilizing computers below a Pentium II/200 Mhz).

Go For The Goal tm
Administrative Management legacy software for MS-DOS (utilizing computers below a Pentium II/200 Mhz).




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