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Library Management Software Designed Specifically and Exclusively for the Internet

Auto™ library management software is designed specifically and exclusively for the Internet (supports Windows and MAC/iPad/iPhone browsers).   Auto™ and Auto™Lite employ two-tiered access: The Desktop Library for the librarian and the eMedia Center for the patron and feature unlimited access at a great price!  Want to try our Demo online and see for yourself?  Just click HERE to receive a demo pin number.  Need more info first?  Read on or print out the Product Fact Sheet for more information.

Product Fact Sheet

Unlimited Access and eBook Circulation Capability!

Unlimited Access: Auto™ users (patrons and librarian) can enjoy unlimited access from any Internet computer or iPad or iPhone without any extra costs! 

eBook Circulation: In addition to circulating library materials such as books, periodicals, videotapes, cdroms, etc., Auto™ has the capabililty to store, manage and circulate eMaterials and .pdfs.  These materials can be downloaded into the patrons desktop computer or iPad or iPhone and read. 

Desktop Library features:

Login/Logout: to access the Desktop Librarian—proper username and password required.

Auto Librarian News—updated constantly by MC² SYSTEMS personnel to keep librarian informed of new features added or other time sensitive news.

Events Calendar— updated by the librarian and viewed by patrons includes any important events—closings, book fairs, special events or guest speakers, etc.

Technical Support: link for email to MC² SYSTEMS.   All technical support for Auto is via email.

On this Day: birthdays and events for this day in history.

Add Materials: to enter new Materials into the Materials database (includes all library Materials: books, periodicals, audio-visual equipment, and eMaterials). Fields include: Material#, Title, Author, Copyright,  Publisher, Callnumber, ISBN, LCCN, Cost, Summary,  4 Subjects, List of Predefined Subjects, Illustrator, Pages, Location and eMaterial filename.

Search Materials by Title, Author, Subject, Title/Subject, Callnumber, Combo (Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Summary), eMaterials, Material#.

Add Borrowers: to enter new Borrowers into the Borrowers Database.  Fields include: Last Name, First Name, Email address, User Name, User Password,  Borronum, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone,  Department Name, Department #.

Search Borrowers by Borronum or Last Name.

Circulation: Check Out, Check In, Renewal, Reserve, Pay Fine, Circulation Reports: Overdues, Fines, and Reserves (emailed or printed), Grid Views of  Check Outs, Overdues, Fines and Reserves (viewed on screen or printed).

Utilities include: Set Due Dates: Regular, 7 Day, 14 Day, Special (set daily); Login Statistics: (searchable log of patron and librarian login attempts); Setup: Library Name, Address, Phone, Email address, Circulation   Settings, Fine Rate, Grace Period, Check Out Limit; User Library Info: Information about the library such as:hours, location, facilities, home website and other website links; System Information: # of records in Materials, Materials History, Borrowers, Borrowers History, Check Outs, Reserves, Fines, Login Access databases; Upload eMaterials: to upload eMaterials prior to adding to the Materials database; Downloads.

Bar code, spine and book pocket label producing software and card catalog card software included.

Help Buttons located on screens.

Additional features and enhancements added to the software will be immediately available to all users as the features are added to the network server. No service packs or upgrades to download or purchase.  All users are using the same up-to-date software.

eMedia Center Features:

Login/Logout: to access the eMedia center with username and password.

Links to download Microsoft Reader, Adobe eBook Reader, a free email account, and  Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Search Materials: by Title, Author, Subject, Title/Subject, Callnumber, Combo (Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Summary), eMaterials only.

My Checkouts: view a listing of all Materials currently checked out by patron.

My Reserves: view a listing of all Materials currently on reserve by patron.

My Fines: view a listing of all Fines currently owed by patron.

My Book Stack: view a listing of searched Materials placed in My Book Stack for future reference and viewing and/or printing by patron. Materials are purged after 5 days.

eMedia Center Info: information about the library such as: hours, location, facility, library home website and other website links.

Internet Research: link to Internet Research home page which lists many links to various websites and search engines.

Help buttons located on screen.

Database maintenance and backup included

Auto™ databases reside on an Internet Server.  The maintenance and backup of the databases is performed by MC² SYSTEMS personnel and taken out of the hands of the librarian. This frees up the librarian’s time to perform other tasks.  Database maintenance and backup is included in the monthly fee.  

Multiple librarian and patron users all with unlimited access

Auto™ databases can be accessed from any Internet computer so that data entry, circulation, searching can take place on multiple computers at the same time.  Librarians can enter Materials or Borrowers into the databases from their home or work computers or iPad or iPhone.  Patrons can search the Materials database, their own borrower record, or place checked out Materials on reserve from work or home computers or iPad or iPhone—anywhere there is Internet access.   See System Requirements (below):

Auto™ Pricing: (subject to change)

Auto™ Monthly Service Fee

Includes all features described including     patron searches from any Internet computer, desktop library from any Internet computer with proper authorization, database        maintenance and all software upgrades. (1 year minimum contract).  Additional fees for MARC record conversions or non-Auto   Librarian database conversions. See price sheet for bar code unit pricing.



Auto™Lite Monthly Service Fee

Includes all features described including     patron searches from any Internet computer, desktop library from any Internet computer with proper authorization, database        maintenance and all software upgrades.  Database limits:  500 Books/50 Borrowers. (1 year minimum contract).  Additional fees for MARC record conversions or non-Auto   Librarian database conversions. See price sheet for bar code unit pricing.  



Initial Database setup fee

Includes database setup and website setup with autologin webpage which includes login links for password login and autonomous search only login.



Auto Demo: To access the Auto Click the link to the left and fill in the request form fully to receive a pin# and password to access the Demo.

Auto™ System Requirements:  There are only three requirements for librarian and  patron access to Auto™ however all three requirements must be met:  

1) Internet Connection: Fast Access (DSL or cable preferred) for Librarian; 56K modem dialup or fast access for Patrons.  

2)Browsers Supported:  Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox with IE Tab Addon, Safari.  MAC/iPad/iPhone: Safari.

3)Email Address: Librarian and Patrons (free hotmail email account link on eMedia Center Home Page)

If a Windows software alternative is better for your library you can still automate effectively and inexpensively!  Don't get left on one of the following links for more information on our other library automation software packages.

Auto Librarian™ Library Server Version SE (For Windows 7/VISTA/2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98) Compatibility Pack required for Windows 7 and VISTA.

Legacy software:  Auto Librarian™ Library Server V.4 (for Windows 95)

How to order:

To order fax in our printer-friendly order form: Printer Friendly Price Sheet

Include a purchase order#, ship to, invoice to, and email addresses.


A Division of Advanced Lumonics, LLC

115 Oregon Lane, Boca Raton, FL 33487-1523

Phone (Sales)/Fax:  (800)330-8026

Web Contact: 


Technical Support

Phone (technical support):  (561)997-2509



Auto Librarian and Auto are trademarks of MC² SYSTEMS. Windows 7/VISTA/Me/98/95/XP/2000/NT , Internet Explorer and Microsoft Reader are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Other brand, company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.




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