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School Ver 3
Corporate Ver 3
Public Ver 3
Audio-Visual 3
Remote Card Catalog
Textbook Ver 2
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Windows 95


Auto Librarian™ Ver. 3.0 library management software for MS-DOS is available in School, Corporate, Public, Audio-Visual Library Versions. Companion software includes Remote Card Catalog Ver. 3.0 and MARC/AL Interface Utility Ver. 3.0.  Textbook Version 2.0 for MS-DOS is also available for textbook library management. 

Note:  these versions require a processor below a Pentium II/200 Mhz.

 Click on the links below to learn more about each version. 

School Version 3.0

Corporate Version 3.0

Public Version 3.0

Audio-Visual Version 3.0

Remote Card Catalog Ver. 3.0

MARC/AL Interface Utility Ver. 3.0

Textbook Ver. 2.0

Go for the Goal




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