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Auto Librarian™ Special Edition for Windows  This latest release in the reliable Auto Librarian™ software family is a full-featured yet affordable library management software solution.  Internet functionality is brought to the desktop in this new offering.       
  Windows 7 and Windows 8 Ready. See Pricing for more details.                                               

TOTAL INTERNET SOLUTION! Auto Librarian.net™ for the Internet Designed exclusively for the Internet and now MAC/iPad/iPhone Safari browser and even more Windows browsers are supported.  Two-tiered access includes the eMedia Center for patron searches of database and Desktop Library for librarian access for daily circulation and cataloging duties.  Data is stored on an off-site Internet server and accessed from any computer with Internet access.  Yearly lease allows for unlimited access by librarian and patrons. eMaterials can be checked out and downloaded to patrons' computer for a specified length of  time.  *Lite version for small libraries has database limits and new lower price.                                            

  iSchoolNews™ Communicates School Breaking News, Special Events, Key Dates, Grades, Clubs and much more utilizing PUSH Notifications, Google Docs, Email, Twitter, Text, Phone, and website links.
 AUTO LIBRARIAN™Textbook.net is a full-featured Web-based Textbook management system using Web technology. The system utilizes optional bar codes which allow users to track Textbooks through acquisition, check-out and check-in. A two-tiered level of access to the program for one Super User and multiple Admin Users per organization insures fast check out of Textbooks at the beginning of the semester or year. One Master Text record is added for each unique title of textbooks and Textbook records are generated from the Master Textbook information without reentry of information.
Course Picks™ is an online course request program that enables students, parents, teachers and administrators as a team to create an interactive course request form for each student online with access to the school's course descriptions, requirements, and grade guidelines.
QRViewME™ is the tool you need to manage and utilize QR CODES to increase traffic to your business, service, park, school, fundraiser, special event, restaurant, tourist attraction... the applications are as limitless as your imagination.
  AntZilla,   FLottery, Tic Tac 4X4, Pic2Dial, Pic2Email, Pic2Message, and iSchoolNews are our latest iPhone additions to the iTunes App Store.